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All Ages

Honey Tasting 101

Hosted by: Dry Creek Beekeeping

Bee-rista: B'Ann Dittmar

Friday, May 3  |   6-7pm   |   $25 per person


Friday, June 7   |   6-7pm   |   $25 per person


Did you know that there are over 300 flavors of honey in the United States? Yet, many people have only tasted clover honey from the grocery store! 


Come and explore the fascinating world of honey! At this one-hour guided honey tasting, your "bee-rista" will start out with some fun and engaging honey and bee trivia to start the "buzz." Next, you will hear from our beekeeper to learn a bit about the magic of how bees make honey, and then we will move to the sweet stuff- the honey tasting! You will taste a variety of honeys ranging from light to medium to dark color profiles. We will use a honey flavor wheel and a honey color chart to explore the wide variety of aromas, colors and flavors of honeys, as you try to put words to what you see, smell, and taste.  Each attendee will track their impressions of each honey on a scorecard, and we will compare and discuss these. You will also get to experience a variety of textures, including creamed and crystalized honeys, and honey direct from the comb. 


This is a fun and engaging experience to enjoy with friends, as couples, or with your whole family!


*Honey tasting kits will be available for sale to take home to replicate this experience with your friends and family. 

Visit to learn more about your host for the evening.

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