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Art Wing Mural/Storage Cabinets


From start to finish the Galena ARC art wing mural / storage cabinets has been a community-wide effort. This project shows what miraculous and beautiful things can happen when people give back to their community to make it a better place for all. Several talented, generous, and giving organizations, businesses, and individuals made this happen. This mural will enhance the art experience at the Galena ARC and inspire students for years to come.


The Galena ARC would like to thank the following people for Believing in Us:


Galena Lions Club

Donated funds for the construction of the cabinets. The storage cabinets are used by the art department and the preschool to store art supplies.

Keith Jakel
Built the cabinets. The cabinets are self standing and removable.

Craig, Liz, Padgham and Evelyn Larson
Primed the cabinets and Craig built the shelves.

Wedding Day Bakery /
December 2014 Take the Cake Auction

Donated funds for the painting supplies.

Designed and created by these local National Art Honor Society (NAHS) artists. The group consists of sophomore, junior, and senior high school students from Jo Daviess and Carroll counties. They volunteered their time after school and on weekends during February-April 2015 to complete this amazing mural.

Sara Wentz
NAHS Advisor & Scales Mound K-12 Art Teacher

Irene Thraen-Borowski
NAHS Advisor & Graphics Instructor
at Jo Daviess Carroll Area Vocational Center

Harley Righetti, Stockton
Kendall Baily, Scales Mound

Briana Busker, Scales Mound 
Abbey Edmonds, Scales Mound
Terra Brunette, River Ridge
Carsen Osborn, River Ridge
Hannah Schnitzler, River Ridge
Lindsey Turner, River Ridge
Hanna Gietl, Galena
Tracy Sites, Galena
Alli Barr, West Carroll
Anna Hartsell, West Carroll
Chloe Lyttles, West Carroll


28 Master Artworks Represented:

Wassily Kandinsky—Color Study,
     Squares with Concentric Circles

Keith Haring—Radiant Baby

Gustav Klimt—The Tree of Life
Vincent van Gogh—The Starry Night
Edvard Munch—The Scream
Pablo Picasso—Woman with Yellow Hair
Claes Oldenburg—Spoon Bridge and Cherry
Jeff Koons—Balloon Dogs
Edward Hopper—Nighthawks
Claude Monet—Haystacks
René Margritte—The Son of Man
Georges Seurat—A Sunday Afternoon on
     the Island of La Grande Jatte
Wayne Thiebaud—Cupcake
Roy Lichtenstein—M-Maybe
Robert Indiana—LOVE
Piet Mondrian—Composition with Red,
     Yellow, and Blue

Leonardo da Vinci—Mona Lisa
Edgar Degas—Ballerina
Georgia O’Keeffe—Sky Above Clouds
Banksy—Girl with Balloon
Katsushika Hokusai—The Great Wave
     Off Kanagawa

M.C. Escher—Bird / Fish Tessellations
Faith Ringgold—Flying Children, from
     children’s book Tar Beach

Grant Wood—American Gothic
Michelangelo—Son of God/Sistine Chapel
Henri Matisse—Cut Paper
Andy Warhol—Campbell’s Soup Can
Salvador Dalí—Persistence of Memory

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