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Art in Action has been suspended for the

2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19.

Art in Action

Art in Action (AIA) is a free art history program taught to Galena Primary Students (k-4th grade). AIA was first introduced to Galena Primary School in 2000 by local artists Shirley Conley and Jo Noe. It has been a Galena ARC program since 2010.


The Galena ARC AIA’s objective is to establish quality art history education using artwork examples from past and present artists both local and worldwide. There are 6 different historical master artists and a reproduction of one or more of their works of art on a poster board presented throughout the year. Each GPS classroom has an AIA classroom volunteer for the school year that presents the monthly artists and also conducts a fun hands-on art project that relates to the artist / artwork they learn about that month.

Artist's Expo

We organize this event biannually in March (National Youth Art month). The next event will be scheduled for the Spring of 2020. The event is open only to GPS students, staff, and AIA volunteers. This event is sponsored by the Galena Lions Club.

There will be 6-8 live artist’s booths set up. The artists will have a handful of their art on display and they will also be demonstrating their art skill. Painters will be painting at an easel, etc. The grades can then enter the gym at their designated time and watch the artists create, visit with the artists, and ask questions about their techniques and tools.


4th Grade Field Trip to Figge Art Museum

The Galena Lions Club sponsors a field trip to the Figge Art Museum in Davenport Iowa for all Galena Primary School 4th grade students. It will take place in the Spring of the school year (date to be announced).


This field trip will give the 4th grade students an opportunity to view artwork from many AIA artists they have studied over the past 5 years at GPS.

Research shows that there are several areas of possible impact made by students visiting art museums. These included cognitive and non-cognitive skills from knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, tolerance, historical empathy, and desire to visit museums in the future.


Questions? Interested in becoming an Art in Action volunteer? Contact:

Liz Larson, Art Program Director

Master Artists' Info Sheets

DROPBOX LINK: Additional artist photos and info posted here. These images are the same ones on the flash drives within the artist's folder in the black cabinet at GPS:

4th Grade Field Trip

The Galena Lions Club is sponsoring a field trip for all 4th grade students to travel to Davenport, Iowa and visit the Figge art Museum. Date to be announced.


This program is partially sponsored by the Galena Lions Club

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