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All lessons have been suspended due to the COVID-19 and will hopefully resume soon.


Private Violin Lessons

Lessons taught on Saturdays in the ARC Music Studio.


About Alex Wilder: I have been playing violin since I was 8. I was in community orchestras and learned quickly that my strength lies in solo playing. I was a street performer for two years in Chicago and Moline, Illinois. Since then, I have been teaching off and on for the last six years.

I learned through these unique experiences that everyone is different. We all have goals and passions and objectives but music connects all of us. I've met many different types of people, and music has allowed me to connect personally with each one of them.

I also have learned the values of commiting to your passion. Since I've started playing, I have quit my violin more times than I can count. Every single time I picked it back up, I was a better person, teacher and musician because of it.

Teaching and creating music is my absolute passion. I do not aim to teach you JUST how to play the instrument. I teach that instruments are tools that help you access and make real the deepest, wordless parts of you. I live and breath the fact that everyone has a capacity to make music. If you've never been taught how to, of course you wouldn't know that you can. So here I am. Teaching you that you can make music.

Lessons are on Saturdays

No class dates currently. Inquire with Alex for upcoming classes.

Learning to read music is helpful for anyone. Not just musicians.  whether you play an instrument or not, this beginner course in music reading will show you every benefit to learning this skill.

We will go over: Why your brain and body need music | What's a clef, reading notes and understanding the staff | Rhythm logic = Math Logic | Scales and what makes a song




Private Violin Lessons



Questions? Contact:

Alex Wilder
Call or Text: (309) 428-2628

Music Studio
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