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GRADES 5 – 8

After School Art Club

Art Club will begin September 2021. Look for information on TeacherEase and Galena ARC Facebook page in late August/early September.


Questions? Contact:

Liz Larson,

(815) 777-3050 (home office)

(563) 513-3493 (cell)


  • Masks will be required.

  • If the student has been exposed to Covid,   the student will need to not attend Art Club during quarantine period.


There will be a limited number of students in the art room per club date. Depending upon the interest from the students, club may be split into two groups meeting on different days. Please sign up online so we know what the interest level is and so we can plan the schedule.


Tentatively scheduled for Thursday in ARC Art Room, after school until 5pm. Schedule to be announced.

  • The club is FREE to members.

  •  Club follows the school calendar. No school/no club.

  • No meetings on SIP Days.

  • This is an independent study, art exploration club—there will not be scheduled lessons.

  • Each student will work independently on long-term art projects of their choosing. There may be a group community service project opportunity.

  • Students must be in middle school.

  • The schools are unable to transport the students to the ARC this year because of COVID bus seating restrictions.

  • Members are not required to make every club meeting. We understand your schedule may change throughout the year because of other activities.

Club organizer: Liz Larson, Art Program Director

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Info Flier (PDF)

After School Art Club

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Art Club is FREE.
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