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5th-6th grade
​Art Club Dates: 


Dates TBA


7th-8th grade
Art Club Dates: 


Dates TBA



No meetings on SIP Day week,
school holidays or when
school is cancelled due to 
bad weather.

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GRADES 5 – 8

After School Art Club

2022-2023 school year

Questions? Contact:

Liz Larson,

(563) 513-3493 (home office)

Scheduled for THURSDAYS or FRIDAYS in ARC Art Room, after school until 5pm. 

  • The club is FREE. Club follows the school calendar. No school/no Club. There is no Club during SIP Day weeks.

  • The Club will meet after school in the Galena ARC Art Studio. Grades 5-6 will meet on Thursdays and 7-8 grades on Fridays.  

  • Pick up is at the ARC.

  • The ARC is providing rides from school to the ARC with the Jo Daviess Transit Bus. Students MUST sign up for transit rides. You will receive an email mid-Sept confirming bus reservations.

  • This is an independent study, art exploration club—there will not be scheduled lessons. Each student will work independently on long-term art projects of their choosing. 

  • Members are not required to make every club meeting. We understand your schedule may change throughout the year because of other activities.***** 

*****If a student signs up to come to Art Club on a specific date and/or ride the Transit Bus but things change due to illness or other activities YOU MUST INFORM ARC. Thanks!

Club organizer: Liz Larson, Art Program Director

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2023-2024 Registration will begin August 1. The registration form will appear below on this page August 1. 

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